ABRA  Origins

22 year old Toronto native Abra Taylor operates under her grandmother's pen name. Originally a Harlequin Superromance novelist, the name Abra Taylor has transcended and transformed generationally into the moniker of a modern moody songstress. 


“An electric thunderstorm followed by a warm drizzle of rain on a Sunday afternoon”

Dark and rich, sensual and enchanting, ominous and shadowy, deliciously uncomfortable, instantly addictive. Indie-pop artist Abra Taylor isn’t afraid to delve deep with her music. With the grace of an old-Hollywood starlet and the empowered self-awareness of a femme fatale, Taylor commands the attention of her audience by seductively unearthing, and breathing life into their innermost desires.

Like a bite from a lover, Taylor sings with a stinging kiss of raw emotion. Her songs delve deep, tapping into our base urges and all that which we long to keep hidden; themes of love, longing, lust, pain, addiction, manipulation and nostalgia weaving their way through her music with startling honesty and robust vulnerability.

Her music is felt viscerally; her lyrics darkly relatable.  With sultry, mournful vocals, Taylor has carved out a unique sound within in a realm where the likes of Lana Del Rey and Lorde reside, while also incorporating sold elements of R&B into her work.